O Racks

About O Racks

Long Island Artist Omari fell also Known As O Racks was born & raised In the greedy

streets of Hempstead Ny At The Age Of 11 he started of running the streets selling drugs and

smoking weed O Racks Use To Get In Lots Of Trouble In School & The Streets But always loved

Music so he pushed his best friend Millasace to go hard (one of his artist & best friend T.G.E.)

Over The Years They Would Run The Streets and do music but at the age of 14 o racks got locked

up for violating probation and had to do a couple months in a group home he missed prom and

all the festivities That you enjoy as a young kid due to his actions. When o racks came home he

still ran the streets and had a passion for music but never did it.

Everyone around him started making music all his friends including his brother 40 but

thought he didn’t have the potential to make music people would like. Then at the age of 15 o

racks went through multiple life threatening situations he got stabbed 7 times in his back at a

teen night party and miraculously survived only with a damaged lung. Later on after he healed

he got shot in his hand & grazed in his foot. He was in a depressing stage at a very young age

for all the things he was going through and had thoughts of death and suicide but kept pushing

on just of the blessings of still being alive. O racks was very blessed to get through what he got

through at such a young age but felt like the world was against him for all he went through in

one year at the age of 15 so he always kept a gun on him then at the age of 16 he started of

rapping in jail when he did a stint bid for a gun charge were he came up with his team name

Tree Gang Which today Is A Independent Label (Tree Gang Ent.) that he incorporated. O racks

started of trying to push his team once he came home from jail at 17 after a while he tried it

himself and Made a song along with a video and got a lot Of good feedback from it after a while

o racks started making tons of music and started expanding in dif erent places like California

miami Atlanta Rhode Island and more. O racks made a song in Beverly Hills with his artist

Millasace & a California artist named zeeko.

In Beverly Hills he met a couple ppl one person he met was a young rich white kid

named Jaden ( later named lil tree & is a artist to TGE) and the rich kid end up being his biggest

fan. Him in jaden kept in contact and started talking more. Jaden later put him on with some of

his rich friends and they all loved and promoted his music on the daily. So much people from

dif erent states started to gravitate towards o racks music and those same rich friends told him

come to Miami to shoot a video at their mansion so o racks went and shot one of his first hit

singles called “Look At Me Now” the song did wonders and hit 100K on Spotify and got a lot Of

Views in youtube & other platforms. Those same fans that helped with the video and wanted to

invest in racks but karma hit o racks in the face when he got caught with some marijuana in

New York.

He started fighting the case for months they even took his bmw car so over the months

he kept working and did a hit single with famous rapper rich the kid the song was called prices

Rich the kid hit o racks up in the dm asking about his friend that he was cool with then said to

him wassup he said u wanted to do a feature o racks said yea and rich said let’s do it and they

met up the same night and made history. The making of the song was on video (youtube) and

they both agreed to do a video to it soon but then o racks pass came back to haunt him and the

same. Marijuana charges came back up and he got indicted. It’s unbelievable how harsh they

were with weed in o racks but they knew he had a big influence in his town so they said in front

of him and the they want to make a example out of him and was pushing for two years up state

o racks kept pushing and in pre trial he ended up copping out to 1 year = (8 months) right before

o racks went in the same people that he did the video in Miami were trying to fly him out and

invest in him and rich the kid was ready to do a video but sadly he had to go in and do his time.

When o racks went to jail everything went downhill he grew his hair and masterminded

through the months once he came home he came home with braids and was 50 pounds lighter.

Those same investors was a little shaky when he came home & rich the kid was the next thing

smokin with his hit single “ Plug Walk” everything was dif erent to o racks but he kept on pushin

he went to incorporate his team tree gang ent. Into a independent label and put all his artist

under him and that same rich white boy Jaden became his newest rapper he gave him the name

Lil Tree. Lil Tree was only 15 but really could rap. And it surprised o racks because lil tree

always looked up to him and was encouraged by o racks lil Tree was so much influenced and

kept practicing while he was away and became nice. He’s in school in another state and got a lot

Of Fans already but promoting tree gang ent. They started on a project and have a mixtape

coming soon. Labels are now looking at the independent label and the dif erent artist as they

continue to work and climb that ladder. O racks only been home 6 months and got a lot

accomplished from videos to shows to traveling and promotion,


O Racks- Win Win